I really do believe I have a problem. If I see something I like, I have to have it. Why? Because I have no will power. None. Zilch. My new NY resolution that I've made today is that I need to stop splurging out on impulse products because I'm forever owing money and I will literally never pay it back! So here are a few bits I bought today... 

These boots were £16 from Select, but when I got      This ring was (as you can see) only £1. Got to have it! 
to the till, it turned out that they were only £10.
Very happy Jessie. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't resist This was £10 on sale from Select. It's a ribbed 
buying anything that's Hello Kitty, so when I saw these material which I really like because it's not clingy!

for £1, I needed them. My excuse is that I can keep them Skater dresses fon't really suit me, but I thought
in my car, and they will come handy. The real excuse is that it would look good with a leather jacket this
because they look super cute and smell of strawberries. winter..

I got this Ted Baker set in the half price sale at Boots-- I couldn't resist going back!- and it was £8.
I think it's absolutely gorgeous; I love the colours of it, and the fact that I can use the box afterwards 
is always a great thing. The brush really intrigued me- I don't think I've ever seen a brush that has a 
lid before. I get so excited over such sad things! haha. You can't see it, but there is an engraved part
which just makes it look expensive in my opinion.  

These little babies are the only things that I look I was so excited when I saw this! It's from the MUA range
forward to every year! Easter = bunnies. If you've not for Superdrug and it was £1.50. I think it's like the velvet
tried these, then you've got to try them.  manicure from Ciate which I've wanted for so long but 
They are the best things in the  every time I go to get it, it's sold out. I'm gonna try this
entire world! yum yum yummmmm!   when I can have the heart to take my current polish off -- I'll upload a picture of it next and I'm so in love with it!  Anyway, I do hope 
that this is as good as I'm expecting!
Would have saved me £12 if so!


So here are my current nails. I did them myself this weekend and I've literally not stopped looking at them all weekend haha. It was so easy to do too! I painted 3 nails white (it did take a few coats) and the other 2 a pale pink. Then I took the pale pink that I used to paint the 2 nails and put 3 circles on each of the white nails, then whilst they were drying, used the end of a small paint brush to do the white dots on the pink nails. Then I took a darker shade of pink (I used a coral colour) and using a dotting tool, put a swirl on each light pink dot. I then took a very pale, pastel green and made 'leaves'. Then I used a Sally Hansen top coat which has worked a treat and they've not chipped! :) happy times! 

How do you like my nails? Have you all been sale shopping? 

lots of love xxx