Hello everybody! 
Well I am, again, bedridden with a stupid virus. I literally need to start stocking up on vitamin tablets because I'm getting ill way too much! 
So yesterday, I completely went out on a whim and bought a DIY ombre kit. I've wanted to ombre my hair for a long time now, but seeing as I often wear my hair extensions so often, I didn't really think it wise. Anyway, I've not wore my extensions all week, and I was so fed up with my hair that I just went and bought the dye and did it before I could really have time to think about it haha. I think it went really well, and the kit is surprisingly easy to use! I will upload a picture whenever I get a good enough one (when my face isn't as white as a sheet of paper and I stop throwing up!).
Like I said, the kit itself is mega easy to use. You just mix the three components, split your hair into two, and then squeeze it into the brush that you get free with the kit and you literally just brush through the lengths and tips of your hair. I did expect it to a little more blonde, and I sort of wish I had put it a little further up my lengths, but at least I know this for next time. 
I'm now looking into buying extensions that match the ends of my hair, although I'm not convinced that will look great, so any comments are appreciated! I'm thinking of just getting some brown ones, use the same kit that I used and ombre a great deal of them, and then literally bleach the ends so they go very blonde, making the ombre effect last the entire of my hair, if that makes any sense to any of you! haha. Let me know what you think! 
I'm gonna go and rest my head with a cuppa and a good film! 
thanks for reading xxx