me & my boyfriend looking slightly intoxicated whilst on a recent night out to a friends' birthday party. 

Hey girls &guys. i'm so sorry for the lack of communication between my fingers, the keyboard and in the last 9 months- woah, has it really been that long?! #i now can tell you that i'm back, and i'm back for good!
ok, so where do i even start? January was so long ago, and i can certainly assure you that alot has happened since then. If you haven't guessed already, i am now in a relationship, and may i just add -it's the best feeling in the world. i'm sure you all remember how i was this time last year when my ex boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue? well meet Luke. he's made me completely forget about he who must not be named, making me feel things that i thought i would never feel again. i know, it's only been 6 months, but a lot can happen in 6 months- it's plenty of time to realise how in love you are, i can definitely say that i would do anything for him. mmmm, love. also, the job at Tesco is still on- and on and on. i'm telling you now, don't ever get a job on a checkout of a busy supermarket. especially if you're one for going out and getting stupidly drunken and feeling crappy in the morning right before work---  believe me, there is nowhere to hide, and you have to be constantly 'happy'-urgh. my smile is literally tattoo'd on my face from all the overtime that i have been doing in the last month, and god i cannot wait for next payday! I guess there are a few up sides of working at Tesco --i mean, that's where i met Lukas, and the shifts we do together just give me an excuse to spend even more time with him. i've also made a lot of new friends working there-- not the kind of friends that you tell all of your secrets to, have pyjama parties with etc, but friends who know how to have a bloody good time! 
Did i also tell you that i can drive now? mmhm, i passed my test on June 1st, making me a PINK driving license holder. woooooop. quick secret- i have 3 points on my license already. but shh. driving is amazing- it's been 5 months and i can't even imagine being without the privilege of it. i have so much freedom and it saves a lot of faffing about on buses too! the only downside of it is the lack of exercise i'm getting. boooo. 
i can't say that much else has really happened- everything is kinda boring. mm, i went to Lanzarote in June/July for the summer holidays with the close family- it was absolutely lovely; so hot, nice scenery, and cheap to drink! ar, it was a lovely two weeks. 
other than those things, i've been to town a good few times. always exciting, funny and usually dramatic.. hahaha. enough said. 

anyway, i'm gonna go get ready now-- got a date with my mumma and sister tonight- drinks are on her. ;)
i promise to be back soon. promise. 
much love xox