wowwww. i'm sososo sorry for this neglection! i've completely lost all internet connection recently! Gosh, you've missed out on so much! I'll try and carry on from where i left, although i'm bound to miss something! :)

okay, January..
okay, so January wasn't the most exciting of months.. i died my hair.. but i didn't like it, so i redyed it back. ;)
 i'm gonna skip this month, wouldn't wanna bore you! ;)

February was the one! <3 --guess who's now 18?! mememememememe!

aw, don't i look happy? ;) hmph, i love being 18! there's so much freedom involved! & going to town has become a regular occurance- it's no wonder i have no money all've the time! :/ sadtimes.
anyway, to spend this wonderful birthday, me and the fammm took a trip to Gran Canariaaa! :D it was utterly amazing!

i can't even tell you how utterly amazing it was, but im sure you can guess! :) n'aw. i loved it! <3

i'm just gonna post some pictures from the last few months, and you'll get the gist of how i've spent my time!