1+2.Trying out a bow-bun. Not too shabby, right? 3.Made Alice in Wonderland-themed treats for a tea party. 4.The invitation for the tea party. 5.Heaven. How can anyone turn down a Mcdonalds breakfast? 6.Fringe went well- cheeky selfie. 7.Dying my huuur. 8.Out for St. Paddy's day. 9.Dying the day after.. 10. watching Gossip Girl, drinking hot chocolate. Perfect hangover cure. 11.Lukey made me a yummy salad. 12.Got tickets to go and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 13.Snow. In March. How bloody English. 14.Changed my name badge to Cinderella because not only do I have to clean everything, but I am a princess. 15.Me and my mumma. 16.Hungover selfie- trying out a new app. 17.Cuddles with a sleepy Lukey. 18.Me& May going for a snowy walk. 19.PRETTY sure that bowl isn't microwave safe. 20.Baked cakes for my nanna. 21.wantwantwant these coats! 22.Trying something new with my hair! 23.Freezing cold outside, so I wrapped up warm. 24.Mum bought me some Soap and Glory. 25.Packing for a surprise trip, yay. 26.Fixed my beetle, woop. 27.Painted my nails ever so nicely. 28.Food porn- Strawberry and chocolate on brioche. 29.Off our for a meal with daddy, maisie and lukey. 30. Me and maymoo. 31.Luke enjoying a coffee in Chester. 32.First time I've been out without extensions for years! 33.again.. 34.Summary of best weekend away in Chester. 35.Made Luke some cupcakes for our 2 year anniversary! 36.What I left Luke to wake up to on my birthday! xxx