Hey guys!!
I've just found out that I can now post on here via my phone. It's pretty exciting
 although it's so, so slow! 

Im gonna keep this short and sweet as its kinda irritating me that this is even more slow than a grandma on a pedestrian crossing, so I will finish this shortly & grab my sister's laptop and blog some more. 

I took this picture as I don't usually wear my hair all up and if I do, then I ensure my makeup is what some people (most people) would consider as a little OTT fort daytime wear! 
 Yeah so I made a promise to myself to stop wearing so much makeup. I made it for a few reasons, but I guess the main two are that I hate looking in the mirror before I go out on a night out, or for a meal and thinking that I practically look the same as I do for work give or take a few bits. Not just that, but my skin could do with a bit of a break from ll the crap that I subject it to. 
So today, I literally put on Nivea moisturiser with jojoba (THE best moisturiser ever!) & added Natural Collection's loose powder in warm (£1.99 from any Boots store) and added a touch of 17Glow Job bronzer (also from Boots) for a bit of warmth and to join the 'sun kissed beauty' that I constantly keep seeing everywhere. Also, I skipped the eyeliner to go for that 'girly' edge and wore a few layers of vava voom mascara (17, Boots) and then a final layer of Rimmel's scandalise just to top it off!

Right, I hope you enjoyed this post & I'll be back later for another!
lots of love, Jessie xox