Hola! :D
i can honestly say that i'm feeling the happiest i've felt in soooo long!<3 eeek!

so, as you've probably grasped.. IT'S BEEN SNOWING! yaaay. --i'm telling you, the snow comes out, & i'm 5 years old again. I love it! <3<3
yes, this weekend, (saturday morning, at 3AM to be precise), my dad decides to come into my room & inform me that it's been snowing.. yes, thanks dad- but couldn't it wait til at least 9am? apparently not. Not only did he have to tell me, oh no- that's too easy, no, i had to physically get out of my beautifully warm bed and go to the window so that i can 'see with my own eyes'... (like they wouldn't be able to see it in the morning or something?) silly man.
i'm telling you now, a week of snow and the bloody country shuts down. currently, there are no running buses, all colleges and school are closed, and a lot of work places. Noone dares to drive cos they just get stuck, or have accidents. you can't even walk anywhere in fear of slipping & being laughed at. Yes, i found this one out lastnight.. After waiting in the freezing cold after work lastnight for 45 minutes, i decided to ring my dad to see where the hell he was. ok, he was actually stuck, not 10 minutes from home :| & then kindly informed me that i'd have to walk.. without my scarf.. and gloves.. and wearing my boots that leak. great. It then took him a further TWO HOURS to get home! crazy, huh? anyway, i decided on getting the bus. so here i was, waiting with this nice old man.. BAYUMMM, some crazy-ass f#cker tells us that the buses are refusing to run. oh great. so i start walking towards my dad, up a massive hill... yes, you know what's coming. i fell. twice. in front of at least 15 cars. fml. i could've cried when the car right next to me started beeping & shouting at me. thanks, you twatty little chavs! :(
aaah! (': sucks to be me.

enough snow talk, i just wanted to update! :)
work's going good! life's going good! yay.