Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow. SNOW. England + Snow. wow.

So today is the 17th of December.. Meaning that we're currently sitting 8 days away from Christmas day. The most celebrated holiday of the year, throughout the many countries of the world.
Would anyone care to tell me why the hell i am so unexcited?!
This year, i actually sat there and watched my dad & sister put up all've the Christmas decorations without lifting a finger and honestly couldnt even care less about them! Dont get me wrong, i completely love the whole Christmas atmosphere - the pretty lights, the trees with colour co-ordinating baubles, multi-coloured patterned presents, children infested in red&white Santa Clause hats, stressed parents. Oh, it's all in the fun of Christmas! 
i wonder what im getting for Christmas?
hmm.. i guess i'll find out soon enough!

okay, i need sleep now.. Promise to keep you updated on my excitement levels!