Just a short post to tell you that a long post is on it's way! haha. If you don't follow me on Instagram or have me on Facebook, then you won't know that I have spent the weekend in London, and I was ill with the rubbish tummy bug last week, hence why I've been struggling to post through the last week or so. You may also know that I love Tuesdays because it's my sister's only day off college, so we will usually find time to do something in the day, (before or after work) and then when Luke goes to badminton, I get my girly night of the week, which usually consists of crappy food, cute films and face masks. I used to have a girly night every day of the week before Luke decided to move in with me- and now I find myself slacking in this department, cos I just want to jump into bed (not in that way, dirty monkeys), but I'm just so tired that cuddles are way more important than fake tan haha. wow, who is this new girl?! Since new year, I wanted to be a little less high- maintenance, and I think it's because whenever I see my work friends outside of work, they look so different and gorgeous, where as I just look the same! Anyway, my point on it being Tuesday is that I had prepared all my photos that I took in London, and then photos of everything that I bought in London... AND THEN I CAN'T FIND MY CAMERA LEAD! gah, this drives me absolutely crazy! I'm sure I have tiny fairies in my room! 
I'm rambling on as usual.. but I thought you all deserved an explanation! 
Okay, I'm gonna go before I talk about even more irrelevant things.
Good night! xxxx