hey guuuys, 
it's almost Valentine's day, so i thought i would do a post relating to that, showing some cute buys for him and her this year at very affordable prices!
have no idea what i'm doing for Valentine's this year tbh, but seeing as it is my birthday on the 16th, it's more than likely that i will be celebrating it joint with that seeing as everywhere tends to be majorly busy on the 14th. I think i may remember making plans to see a movie with Luke, but i'm not sure.  has anyone seen any good films that i could go and see?

Okay, so it makes sense to show you what i have got Luke for Valentines, so Luke, if you're on here, LOOK AWAY NOW. pleaseeee!

i mean it!



I got this cos he's been saying for a while that he wants one, and i loved the colour and style of it. i'm kinda secretly hoping that he doesn't like it just so that i can have it.. 
Superdry Store, Meadowhall, £60.

i got these just for a bit of a laugh really. I also got him some 'Mr Perfect' socks to go with them;). 
boxers: ebay store, £5.
socks:  Tesco, £1.99.

Got him these just because i know that he absolutely loves them! :) 
Tesco, £3.50

i'm so fed up with him moaning about his cold feet, so here is the answer to that. hope he wears them!
Tesco, £8.

-yeah, so that's what I got him. I think there are a few nice bits in there, i just hope he likes them. i did also get him some small heart-chocolates just to go in the bag. :) they were like £1.50 from Tesco.
Now for MY wish list (guys, if you're stuck for things to get your girlfriend/crush, here's a starting point!):
This is super, super cute! i reeeally want it! Tesco,. £12
i also thought that i could wear these underneath:

Ann Summers; set £18.

River Island, £30.
This dress is so cute! it's pretty plain (giving the men a reason to buy you extra jewelry!), but it's the perfect gift as it can be worn down with a cheeky leather jacket, long socks & boots, or dressed up with some bling, killer heels and a glam clutch! you can't go wrong. 


New Look, £24.99
these shoes are super-cute, and there is a bag also from New Look of a similar color to the bow; teamed with a LBD you will be the envy of all that survey. 

i actually LOVE this. i want it so bad! This charm costs £30, but of course, you need a pandora bracelet in the first place, so the traditional silver bracelet is around £60, but they're so worth it cos then you always have something to buy them! Great, great gifts and also something to really treasure. 

okay so i'm gonna get off to bed now. 
what are your plans for the big day? let me know! 
Jessie xxx