Hello everybody! 

It's been a while since I've done a product review, and this week I figured I would post at least one- so here we go! 

I have heard so much about Lancome's new 'Teint Visionnaire' foundation (TV for short), and I've been dying to try it since it's launch, but with it retailing at almost £40, I couldn't bring myself to pay out that much to find that it was infact quite rubbish. Then, my friend told me about an online forum where they were offering free 7-day trials of the foundation and I figured what the heck, and went ahead and applied for it. They sent me a text later on that day telling me to go down to my local Lancome counter, (which for me is right the way in town) and it was only yesterday that I've finally managed to go and get it. 

This is what I'm talking about. Have you seen it in all the magazines? It claims to be the best foundation around just now, and holds ingredients that, over a period of time, fill out wrinkles and reduce pores. I am always skeptical about anything that claims such things, but I think this is due to my lack of fine lines and huge pores, so I'd love to hear some miracle stories about how it has worked for you. 

Anyway, I went to the counter yesterday, and an older lady with a face only a mother can love gave me a (very toothy) smile, but it was the kind where you can see in their eyes that they are cursing you in their head. Anyway, after eyeing every inch of my body, she came to a conclusion that I was some peasant who had clearly never worn Lancome before, and she belittled me to within an inch of my dignity.. I had just finished an 8 hour shift, I had been up since 5am and hadn't had a chance to change or touch up my makeup before I had rushed off into town, but of course, she would never consider anything like that to have happened. Anyway, after an awkward 'hello', I told her that I had a text telling me to come and pick up a 7-day trial of the new foundation. She asked me questions that she thought I would not know the answers to, asking me about my skin and my tones etc, and in the end she matched me to shade 02. She then poured a some into a very small bottle, told me that it was the best foundation ever, and then stalked off. Okay, so I've never been a fan of makeup assistants, I find that they will belittle you no matter where you are or what you look like, but she was something else! Stuff her and her wotsit-coloured mask of slap! Off I went, hoping that I wouldn't look like her when I was done.

This is the teeny bottle that they gave me.
Anyway, I was going to try it this morning, but seeing as I was up at 5am again, getting ready in limited lighting, and knowing that my foundation had to last all day, I didn't think it was wise to try something new. The mirrors at work are situated in the dimmest light imaginable, and you really can't tell whether you look stunning or if you've got ready in the dark. I remember the last time I tried a new foundation before an early shift and I looked in my rear-view mirror after finishing and I had patches of orange all over my face. Cringe! So I thought that I would leave it until I finished work this afternoon.. 

I got home and cleansed my face of my previous makeup: (LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO THROW UP!)

As you can see, my skin is very uneven- I don't have that many spots as such, just redness and that's the main reason I wear foundation/concealer. Before I put it onto my face, I thought I should do a swatch, so here it is:

In the left is the consistency of the foundation on my hand.. It's quite runny,but I get the feeling you can apply layers to work up the cover. On the right I just thought I should show the wand that came with the small bottle.. 

The lady briefly explained that the real foundation comes with a built-in concealer which can be found in the lid, and apparently you are meant to put that on prior to the foundation, but seeing as I didn't get that, and I only wanted to research the foundation, I figured I would just put it straight onto my face. I used the Real Techniques Stippling brush, which I find gives you a more natural look. My first thoughts were good, but not spectacular, and no way is it a miracle product, but then I had to imagine I was to have the concealer on already. If this was 6 months ago I would have hated it- not usually being a fan of thin, medium coverage foundations, but due to my recent cut down, I think it's okay. Here, see..


As you can see, my skin is noticeably clearer, showing barely any signs of redness or discolouration. I do wish that it was a little more heavy coverage, but I think with another layer it will be perfect, although I didn't want to waste my little bottle cos I think I will get much more used to it as the week goes on and find better ways to apply it. Anyway, then I wondered if I could merge it into my regular makeup routine, so I applied the rest of my makeup and I think it looks A-OK! 

Not bad, huh? 

This is what brings me to my next thing-- Topshop's Riorio lipstick. It's what I've been wearing for the last few days and I just thought I'd share it with you! I love all Topshop's lipsticks- they are so pigmented and last forever on your lips. 


Have any of you tried these? xoxo