Hey guys. 

first off, i'd just like to let you all know that the idea i had of making my own youtube channel and creating a 'vlog' still remains an idea-- i DID attempt it.. 3 times. and then i completely lost all hope when each time, something went majorly wrong. hmph, so maybe a job with computers is also out of the question for the rest of my life, too?

heyho- anyway, this week I took a trip to London with my mum, sister and younger cousin. Primarily, we decided to go because my cousin had never been and had really wanted to see Big Ben, but it turned out that we all could do with a break away from here anyway-- i hate having the same routine every single day with not even as much as a spark of spontaneity to look forward to. kinda sucks. anyway, it was a lovely weekend- plenty of shopping and sightseeing- and as a typical tourist, i took hundreds of photographs (which you can find on my facebook page- www.facebook.com/jessicastarbuck.x) most of which take place in the infamous M&M World (yum!) and the Disney Shop. i got a few cute buys too-- which i will show at the bottom of this post. 

--p.s. i need you all to keep an eye out for  job advertisements for me- i am in dire need of a new job! not only do i hate my current job, but the money isn't even good- so it's not even like i can overlook it. how can they 'not afford' to pay people, meaning that they can't give more hours out, but i go on holiday and come back and they have taken on like 4 people and gave others more hours, and then they are taking on again in 3 weeks? so, so selfish. 

anyway- here are a few things that i have brought recently that you may like:

 cute polka dot bra- £6- Primark, Oxford Street, London. (comes with matching pants)

both bracelets- Covent Garden's market £1 each. 
apple, perfume and bird house necklaces; £2, £2 and £1.50, all Claires Accessories. 

hoodie- tourist gift shop, Leicester Square, London £18.

top- Primark, Oxford Street, London. £10.

chalk board- £9.99- Sasse and Belle.

much love xox