As explained a few weeks ago, I've been really stuck for cash this month, so this post will be kinda short and sweet! 

This shirt, Primark £12, caught my eye for the last few times I've popped in, and the other day I finally decided to grab it before it goes. I think you could either dress up jeans with this and heels, or dress down a dress and use this as a jacket/throw over. I love the detail on the shoulders too, it gives it a unique feel. 

My sister ripped my Topshop legging somehow, so I finally got round to getting some more. I love how thick they are cos you can get away with wearing them with shorter tops without looking like a complete slut. 

I got these from Primark when I was in Chester-- the left one is completely cute and perfect for summer and I really can't wait to wear it. The right one was only £7, and you all know that I'm a sucker for lace! 

Seeing as it's the beginning of spring, I've been really getting into buying summery things- but this weather means that I probably will have to wait til a holiday to wear them! Anyway, this is from Select, and it's just so pretty!! 

This top is also from Select, and it matches everything! Obviously it's lace, so I had to have it, but I think it looks good just thrown on with anything! 


You may know that I am also a sucker for oversized brown bags- they look so classy with anything and fit so much in! You can pick this one up from Primark, also available in black. 

So there we have it- told you that it wouldn't be a lot!