why do we have to have annoyances such as those? if we have to have them, why can't they be normal. why do you have to embarrass me? take my things then lie to me? irritate me? and always ask so much of me? gr. 

A couple of weeks ago (when i went to Meadowhall), i purchased a new foundation and a new eyebrow contour set which in total, cost me around £30. I then used them for around 3 days afterwards, but then that magic fairy that seems to enjoy taking my things, took them away. Now, i asked everyone (especially my sister) if she has seen these items.. of course she said no. I stressed, and i made a whole lotta mess looking around my room searching for these things. This morning, (we are about two weeks ahead now), I have gone in to take something into her room, and noticed that they are both sat on her bed, a quarter used, and no longer brand new. 

mais, if you're reading this- you are no longer getting anything for xmas, so i hope you enjoyed it beyatch. 

hope your sisters are a whole lot better than mine.