Monday, July 13, 2009

Summertiiiime Bluesssss.
So it's officially summer, and looking out of my window, all i see is a beautiful sunny day, with clear blue skies, & guess what im doing today? Sitting INSIDE, watching Cartoon Network & eating Oreos.
What i summer i have ahead of me. I actually have ZERO plans for these numerous weeks off - except for hoping to go on holiday, & then getting my GCSE results.
This week, i have to work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.. Then im seeing Rachel & Tasha this week, and possibly Izzy. --Today, my 'friends' have all gone into town, yet im getting a serious lack of invitations these days. I think they think that because i was on a course last week, & that i work, that im not gonna come out with them anymore- which is kinda unfair, considering that i still need to celebrate for being a full-on qualified LIFEGUARD BABY!!
Whatever though. Haha. As i said, i have Tasha&Rachel.
Then Alice&Alannya&Izzy!
Hahaha, all these new friends!

i wish that i was more spontaneous. I don't even think that i've spelt that correctly tbh. But i wish that i could just do things on a whim & be different from the croud. Unique.

Im gonna go & hang the washing out now.
i'll get back to you about my unique-ity!
Laterssss. <3