Just thought I'd let you all know about this great deal on Groupon that i was told about yesterday.. I'm pretty sure it's still available to purchase quickly-- but you pay £18 and you get to spend £45 on their makeup range! I'm lucky cos Luke bought me the voucher itself, so I only had to pay the post and package and overflow of the £45. So, so impressed with this!
I hate buying makeup offline usually, cos I think the swatches that they provide are unrealistic and look nothing like that when they arrive into my wanting hands, so to avoid this, I nipped into my local Superdrug, (the only place that i am aware of that stock Mememe products), and had a peek at there stuff. It seemed better to try out their things in person cos i'm so fussy with foundations and shades, so hopefully i've remembered the right one! anyway, i'll be reviewing these things as soon as they come so keep an eye out for that!

lots of lovesss xoxo