heyyyy! wowzers, it feels so good to be able to type on an actual laptop instead of trying to update this on my phone! If anyone has every tried to update their blog via a mobile site, you'll know that as you type, your blog is still registering the last sentence you wrote, so it's very time consuming and takes forever to correct any mistakes! I'd really like to see Yola create a smart phone app to make this more accessible and easier.. please! on-the-go blogging,woo.

anywho, this post wasn't for me to sit here and talk crap, it was for me to review a few products I have bought this week. If you have read any of my posts this week, you'll know that good old Lukey has bought me a little surprise bless him. It was only a deal on groupon, but he knows me so,so well. The deal was a voucher for £45 of Mememe makeup for the price of £18 (not inc. P+P, which was only around £4). yay.

Firstly, I decided to try their foundation (Flawless finish cream foundation, £12.50)..

I was a little sceptical to buying this as I'm not a fan of brands who only have one range of a product (i.e. if someone only has one blusher etc) cos I think that one foundation can't suit an entire population. I usually tend to look for foundations that have certain claimed qualities- for example; one that is good for oily skin/ help to prevent shine etc. this aside, i popped into my local superdrug so that i can make sure i get the right shade (which turned out to be Honey Lush- cute name). I did a swatch of this on my hand and realised that it had a real good consistency-- I love a thick foundation cos my skin is so uneven. Impressed, off i went and ordered this little beauty online.

here's the swatches from when i'd first got the foundation-- i have no fake tan on etc, so the colour looks a little too dark for my skin tone, but i always have some form of a tan so it's actually a perfect shade for me.
my first thoughts when i got it were a little negative.. I'd not long woken up, hadn't moisturised from the night before, so my skin was a little dry, and i just excitedly applied it with my fingers using a tiny mirror that i had handy... not such a good idea. i must have been sat in an awkward position to the light, and the lack of moisture and primer my skin had had that morning made the foundation look somewhat cakey and bought out the dryness in my skin. disheartened by this product, i put it down and decided i'd try it when i have a little more time on my hands..
I've now been wearing it non-stop this week and i absolutely love it. I put it on top of Dr Feelgood by Benefit, and mix it with Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus (which i love) which gives it a creamy consistency, giving you enough coverage for daytime, although i would probably mix it with another thicker foundation for evening time. Again, the packaging has all the right things to be very similar to other expensive foundations, but the fact that the bottle is plastic makes it seem tacky if you ask me. I would much rather have seen it glass..

with the voucher, I also bought myself two lip creams.. (long wear satin lip creams, £6.50 each, in China Rose and Coral Cloak).

as you can see from the first picture above, they come in cute little boxes and have their own little names-- and have a beautifully elegant pattern on them which continues onto the packaging of the actual lip cream itsself (the third picture in). Out of all the things i got, these have got to be my favourite and the ones that i have used the most-- the packaging is just so expensive looking that it makes me proud to whip it out! haha. As you can see, the coral is the brighter of the two, with the pink being a very subtle daytime colour, which i believe would compliment any skin tone. Pinks dont usually suit me, so when i tried this on i was very happy to see that it was a perfect match for me. i wear it literally every day cos it just adds a little more glamour into the day without making me seem like i've tried too hard. As for the coral colour, it is the perfect accompaniment to a tan, and looks great on a night out, especially on pictures! yeah, i totally love these little babies..

just look how cute the packaging is! how can anyone not like them?! haha. They glide on your lips, just like 'satin' i suppose, and they last for a couple of hours before they start disappearing from the inside of your lips outwards-- but they are the perfect shape to fit any lips, making it possibly the easiest lipstick i've ever put on, so the fading makes no odds to me cos i find that i can reapply anywhere.

as well as these, i needed a new concealer, so I went ahead and bought Correct and Perfect in Nude, £6.99.
It's the perfect concealer for those days where you need to chuck your makeup in your bag cos you know you're gonna need a touch up in a couple of hours.. that's most days for me! this little wonder comes in a tiny pot, with a handy mirror in the lid and a 'setting powder' underneath the creamy concealer itsself. impressive to say the least! The concealer is lovely and thick, with a creamy texture to it. I mainly use it alo
ng with Benefit's Lemonaid (i think thats what it's called) to cover the bags under my eyes-- working is not all that fun afterall.. I really do like it, and the powder that comes with it is perfect for setting it and works really well in my opinion. 

With the amount that i had left over after getting these, i could afford a new blusher...

i love the packaging of this product. It's simple, elegant and looks somewhat expensive despite the cardboard they use to make it.. and i didn't actually realise until taking the pictures for this review that it has a small mirror in the lid of it. I found this highly impressive cos it makes it 100% easier to touch up on the go. You get a brush with it, like many boxed blushers, but I'm not a fan of them cos i find that the short, stubby bristles are too harsh on my cheeks and they're too wide, giving me an overload of blusher that i really didn't want. anyway, i love this product (despite the brush) because the powder comes apart from the rest very easily, meaning you only have to get a tiny bit onto the brush. I also love the fact that there is a mirror in the lid because i've never seen that happen before on a blusher.

I got the coral shade of the product because i've not got one that colour, but i find it's way too bright for my complexion. I love the way (like i already said) that it glides on easily, but i feel like the colour is too much, so im gonna go get a different colour of it instead. 

i hope this helped! has anyone else tried this?
let me know,