Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jonas Brother = The best concert that i have ever seen.

This was the most immense adventure of my life, i think!
Yumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyum ;):)
i love JONAS. End of.

Honestly, these last couple of weeks have been pretty darn good tbh!
First on my little adveture list was 'Le Jonas touuur':
Monday night, i rushed like a crazed man woman from work to pack all've my stuff for the next 2days ahead of me, making sure that i had everything that i needed to ensure that my darling Joseph Jonas would notice that i'm who he's been looking for ;)
So, after half an hour of intense packing, i scuttled off to Kayleigh & Natalie's house -- (My fellow Jonas lovers..) -- & then i met Jade - (Another crazed Jonas fan ;)) Seriously, the feeling of excitement that i was feeling that night was one of the most intense emotions i've ever had the experience of feeling before.
The preparation for the gorgeous boys came in the form of making sure that everything was colour-coordinated, & didnt clash. We cant have us looking stupid now can we?
So, after numerous hours of levels of hyperness beyond belief, we finally decided to hit the hay -- at almost 3am, knowing that we had to be up in three hours -- Goodtimes!
We all get up, and seriously, i was compleeeetely overwhelmed with the feeling of excitement that had suddenly overcome me.
Excitement + hyperness = One hell of a funny day!
We left for the bus at about 10 - and if i'd of had a pound for every funny look that we got -(Bearing in mind that there were 4 teens walking through the centre of town with averagely sized suitcases) -- i'd be rich! Then, not only did we have to get a bus, but we then had to get a tram to get to the train station.. So much hastle in lunchtime rush!
Fiiiiinaallyyyy on the train! This is where i compleeetely realised that not only was i going to Birmingham, but i was actually going to see The Jonas Brothers in real life!
The train journey went pretty quickly tbh :') Haahaa, Jade & Natalie actually got stuck in the toilets. Funny.
The next hours were pretty boring - so i'll skip.

We spent hours in the hotel room getting ready. It was almost 5.30, and it was a good 20minute walk, and it was compleeetely pitch black, so we finally decided to set off :')
it was so cold! haahaa. Super-dooper sad times considering that i had a little dress on!

Im pretty sure that you're getting bored now -- So i'll just inform you that Jonas Brothers were absolutely amazing. The best show i've ever seen i would say.
i seriously neeeed to do some homework now
speak soon.