wayhey- almost time to start college.
thank. god. for. that.
I am so bored. Genuinely, there is nothing to do.
Schools & sixth forms have started, meaning that not only are two of my bestfriends back at school, but i dont even have my sister to annoy me. It's just me & the dog. and the gecko. and the budgie. and the guinipig. and the Jeremy Kyle Show. wow.
I have no money either, so I can't even go to town & have a walk about etc. Boooo. Someone please get me a job! Not only will that take up some time, but i'll actually have money to spend. wheey.

So yesterday, I spent the day doing my younger sister's coursework, (that was meant to be in almost a year ago). She's such a nightmare at English. Who in their right mind waits until the last two days, after having six weeks, to do SIX essays?! Silly girl. Shakespeare doesn't half confuse me. I remember writing my Romeo & Juliet three years ago, getting a D and just giving up. I don't see why it's so important to the English Language for us to pick at famous pieces of literature.

-someone just let me get back into a routine. i feel so shitty. :(
l o vees!