Hello again! I think I'm slightly enthusiastic today haha. 
I've never done one of these before, simply because I don't usually have a 'plan' to my makeup, I just throw on whatever I find necessary that day, but I have been using pretty much the same routine for a couple of weeks now so I figured I'd go ahead and do one. 
*This post may be a little heavy so I might make it into two posts. and I didnt have my camera when these photos were taken so they're low-quality iphone pics!*


So here's my base/ first step.
No7- Calm Skin. I got this a few years ago because I suffer from really red cheeks, especially when I get out the bath/shower, but I pretty much forgot it existed. I've been using it for about 3 months now, and it really does seem to have an effect on my cheeks! For a cheaper alternative, there's a new range of skin/ body treats out in Tesco (I believe they're called 'Along Came Betty') and they're currently priced at introductory prices under £2! I have all of them and I'm so impressed with them- I think they are designed to be a cheaper alternative to Soap and Glory. After this, I tend to pop a quick roll of Garnier caffeine roll on just under my eyes to relieve any dark shadows and puffiness. And then it depends how dry my skin is feeling that day but if it's really dry, I put on Nivea Soft moisturiser, but usually it just needs a bit of waking up, so I use Nivea Express Primer, which is good for moisturising, but personally, I don't think it's amazing as a primer. Then I mix Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus with Along came Betty's Glow On for a nice glow to my face. I especially like to use this when my face is looking dull and lifeless! Then, I use a lot of lipsticks lately, so I need my lips to not be dry, and I find Carmex treats my lips perfectly! 


Okay, now for my face. I suppose I should have added this to my last section-- when I was writing it, I did wonder why I had missed it, but luckily here it is! haha. It's the Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer. I picked this up last month some time because it was on offer, and I was looking for a new primer because they tend to have no effect on me. Anyway, this stuff does exactly what it says it should- it practically airbrushes your face, although the primer side to it leaves a lot to be desired I guess. It does, however, leave your skin perfectly smooth. I then will use the different coloured concealers to cover certain parts of my face, and then use Benefit's Boi-ing concealer over blemishes because it has a good, thick consistency. Then, depending on what I'm doing/ what my skin is like, I either use Bourjois 123 Perfect or Clarins Skin Illusion foundations.. If I have super-red cheeks, a really uneven complex, or I just need a heavier coverage, I use the Bourjois one. I love it because of the different coloured pigments that it contains, which really do cover every aspect of an imperfection. My only downside to this foundation is that it is a little too light for me and makes me look poorly, so I have to use bronzer over the top. I like the Clarins one when I'm having a lazy day but have to pop out, or am feeling low-maintenance as it's really thin, and leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh, but not so great coverage. Then, because my cheeks usually need a little more coverage, the gel-like formula of Rimmel's Match Perfection in the tub as oppose to a tube covers it perfectly. It has just the right texture and coverage to layer over another foundation for the perfect complexion. I then pop on a powder- either a mineral powder like Bare Minerals or I've been using just a 'Silk' translucent powder which I find gives a lovely smooth finish. 
On my cheeks, I usually use the 17 bronzer underneath my cheekbones, my temples, just below my hairline on my forehead and under my chin, and if I remember, down the sides of my nose. Then I use the 17 blusher, which is a dark shade of pink just on my cheek bones. I added the picture of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Cream Blusher because I like using this with the Clarins foundation to add to the dewy look.

 I thought I'd take a picture of the Urban Decay Naked 2 set and Look Beauty's Brow Perfect! set so you could get an idea of what I'm working with.. 

I start off by doing my eyebrows. I love this set by Look Beauty (as you know, I love all of their products), but I think this is the best eyebrow set I've come across yet. I love how many different colours you get in it, making it very versatile. I use it every single day without fail. If I'm going for a casual look, I generally use the very top colour, or if I have heavy eyeliner, I tend to use a mix of the last two colours etc.. It's very easy to use and you do get stencils, although I find they don't suit my face all too well. Definitely recommend this to you all! 
Then, I will almost always use my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette if I'm wearing a shadow. The shadows are perfectly pigmented and they last all day. I love the mix of shimmer and matte colours you get and they all compliment one another perfectly, so you can create so many different looks. I must admit that in the last week, I've been skipping eye shadow and just going for a thick retro eyeliner flick paired with a red lip, but that's mainly out of pure laziness haha. I usually use a Gel Eyeliner, such as this one that I picked up from a cheap makeup shop near to where I live. I love it because it's so easily blendable, yet so striking. It lines your eyes perfectly and lasts all day. I then usually use a mix of all three mascaras; L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes, L'oreal Paris Collegen and Borjois Liner effect. The Million Lashes is mainly used to separate and spread out lashes, whilst collegen boosts volume and the Liner effect draws attention to the very base of lashes, making them look irresistible! 

Now, I've lost the pictures that I took for the 'lips' section, but I suppose I can explain without an image.. 
I tend to brush my lips softly with an old toothbrush to remove any dry skin once a week or so, and then apply lots of lip balm before I go to bed. I line my lips with a suitable lip pencil (usually nude) and then I apply what ever colour I intend to wear with a lip brush, taking it straight from the lipstick tube itsself. Then I will blot with some tissue, and dab more lippy on straight from the tube without using my brush because I find that you get a better colour pay off! 

wow, that was a little long-winded, but don't say I didn't warn you! haha. 
I hope you enjoyed this, and I'm hoping I've inspired some of you to do your own or at least try out some products I've used!