I'm finally gonna do a review on a single product, and seeing as this has taken over pretty much every other mascara I own, I figured this is the one to do it with. 
It's called 'Lash Extender Lashes in a Bottle' and it's by a company called Divaderme, which I have never heard of. I picked this up off KGB deals' website, (which I never go on, but just so happened to click on last week) for £12. Now, I have seen this product on Wowcher a couple of times, but I have never taken any notice of it cos I've heard that these kind of things don't work, so I can't tell you how much it was on there, but I know originally it is priced at £45, which I think is very steep for this, although I have just looked on Ebay, and the cheapest price is £9, so there we go. 
Anyway, I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture as I didn't realise it, but the bottle is extremely small in comparison to most other mascaras out there on the market, but don't worry! When you use it, you will realise how little you need to actually achieve great lashes. This bottle is full of tiny little black fibers (like very, very small, delicate hairs) which you roll onto lashes that have been coated with a wet mascara, which then attach to it, making them rival any fake lashes you've ever seen! You then have to reapply your mascara, which is meant to seal the fibers to the lashes, and it says you can repeat if you want them any bigger. Now, I would say this, you have to make sure that you have a really wet mascara, or it doesn't work as well. My sister had just that day gotten a new mascara, so I was lucky enough to use that, but I tried it this morning with my every-day mascara, which is not as wet, and it didn't work half a well.. As well, you have to make sure that you look down at a mirror whilst rolling the fibers onto your lashes or you get them all in your eye, which is obviously gonna hurt.. Another thing, make sure you put on enough mascara to seal the fibers cos (like I said) I used a more dry mascara today which didn't really seal it, and I ended up with it falling into my eye all day. 
This was after just the one coat: 

Good huh?! 
Have you tried this? xxx