This year, I've really been struggling on the money front. I've never been good with money and how I handle it, I am forever owing my mum/boyfriend money. This year, I decided that I was going to sort it out and finally be free to have my own money, but this is proving somewhat hard. I get paid, I give my car insurance money, pay my phone bill, pay my mum as much as possible and then I am skint for a month. Wah, I feel like I am working for nothing and it's killing me. 

 This is why, in the last week, I have decided that I need to find a way to make some extra cash to get me back on track and finally have some money.. I need your help! I want to know whether you lot would buy nails that I've hand-crafted, only for 99p or so and I need to know what you girlies would like to see. I will leave my email at the bottom, PLEASE contact me and tell me whether you think this is a good idea and what patterns/colours you'd like to see. I'm also considering sending samples to a few of you guys so you can give me any improvement tips etc.

Also, have any of you sold items on eBay before? I have tonnes of clothes that I am looking to sell and eBay seems like the most logical place to sell them but I have no idea where you begin.. People keep telling me different things etc, so I need someone to help me out there too- so again, pop me some info in an email and I will love you forever! :)

One more thing- if you can think of any other ideas or tips to make money, please help me out!! 

Thank you in advance guys! xoxo