So as you can see, i've recently re-vamped my blog! With a little help from my beautiful boyfriend, i think it looks a lot more fresh and bright, and, well, feminine! It was looking a little out-dated, and i figured that it needed a little more 'modernising'. Is that even a real word? I seem to do that a lot- just make up words that sound pretty real & use them.. out loud.. usually in front of tremendously intellegent people, who seem to have swallowed a dictionary & continue to barf up words such as 'languish' etc.
"Jessica Starbuck" was getting a little boring too, so i figured i'd give it a nickname. I say nickname, but it doesnt actually hold any features that a 'nickname' is supposed to: it isnt exactly original is it? C'mon- how many more girls' blogs have the exact same name? Plus, it isnt exactly 'short and snappy' -- have you seen the address bar?! tehe.
Anyway- comments on the new theme/name etc would be appreciated. hopefully i will have enabled comments on each post, so give it a go- i think that you click the title of the post that you'd like to comment on, and then scroll to the bottom. i think.. :') if not, then just click me on facebook.
Well- I've been at Bilborough College for one year & almost half a term and i have my first trip tomorrow... to Waterstones in Nottingham.. big whoop! What's so special about an over-priced, silent book shop? I've heard there's a Costa in there though.. so maybe i'll spend my afternoon in there, hiding from the teacher. :)

I went to see John Barrowman a couple of nights ago. I know what you're thinking- "John Barrowman?! Who the heck is he?!" --

ok, yes- you know who I mean. 'that queer one from Dr. Who' yes, that's the one.
oh. my. god. It was like watching a stand-up commedian! No kidding, he was hilarious. and so rude! hahaha. Oh, and I met his mother & father. they're so cute :') bless them. 75. I wonder what i'll be doing at that age. I want to be happily married and cute, hopping on buses with my free bus pass. woo.
I got placed next to the loveliest old lady. No sarcasm included. She was adorable. Straight away, she said 'Hello Dear', but throughout the entire 4 hours of JB's show, whenever he spoke, she answered him- as if they were having a conversation. it was adorable-- (little bit annoying after that fourth hour of hearing ''yes, john, i agree' and 'yes, thats so lovely' )- no, all in all, i can't complain. she was lovely. the whole night was lovely. Oh, and if youre wondering why i was there in the first place-- my mother loves him, so that was her Mother's day present this year. :)

anyway- i must go to sleep now & attempt to control my excitement for my trip tomorrow.. NAAAHT!

Lots of loveeee.