I've gotta say that this is gonna be a pretty short post today cos I have a huuuge headache and I still need to write up a few notes from the courses that I have been on this week, get a shower, pick up Lukey from work and then get off to bed ready for tomorrow's course. yaaawn. 

anywho, this week i took a little trip to town after work to return some things i got last week and found myself in Primark.. The next thing i know, i had a basket full and had spent £40. yikes.  i've only taken a few pictures today but i will add some more later of the other things i got. 

 Truth be told, i bought this skirt with the intention of putting it away and saving it for holiday but there was finally a flash of sun this morning and i thought that it would brighten up the day! i paired it, as you can see, with a coral coloured blouse that i got for about £40 from Outfit last year (i can't remember the actual brand name), but it matches so many things and it's so,so flattering to all sizes. anyway back to the skirt, I got it for £4, which is a total bargain in my opinion. Like i said, i thought it would look really nice on holiday as it's just so versatile. after wearing it today i am definitely gonna go back to Primark and see if they have any more variations of it-- it's just so comfy and i got so many compliments! 

I haven't taken off this blazer since the second i got it. Like the skirt, it is also very versatile- it matches practically everything and can smarten up any outfit in a second. totally loving it! i always find that nude colours really compliment me and i absolutely love blazers- so as soon as i saw someone wearing one a few months ago, i have been looking for a perfect one since. eeeek, im so excited about it! :)  anywho, it was £15 from Primark and i also saw a lemon one which i think im gonna have to get when i next get paid. 

I did get a few more things from Primark such as a pair of burgundy leggings with black crosses on, a 2-pack bikini, a plain, thin, white, tie-up top which will look cute over a bikini on holiday, a black tee with a tiger across it and a pair of open-toe, black shoes. i will upload a few pictures of them some time tomorrow though. 

I got this cardigan earlier this week from Tesco! it caught my eye straight away cos i really liked the colours and patterns of it and it looks super-cute for a lazy, casual day chucked on with jeans.. yippeee. it was only £16 too. 

so there are a few buys of the week from me. 
what do you think of them? have you got anything new this week? 

lots of love, jessie xox