Hello there! :)
So I thought I'd pop on, seeing as it's Sunday, and everyone knows Sundays are boring and are for doing things such as this, and I thought I'd just share the highlights of my week with you! Not a very productive post, but if it relieves you of the Sunday boredom, then I'm satisfied. 

♥ I have a fringe! 

How do you guys like it? I think it makes me look really mature, and completely different on these pictures, and I've been embracing my short hair all week, cos I like how easy it is to do and my mum and boyfriend are always telling me how much better I look with shorter hair, but I never listen! I did put in some extensions today, just out of curiosity, to see how the fringe would look with them, and it would be nice for a night out although I do think it makes me look a lot younger-- I'll post a picture below and you'll have to let me know what you think! 

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but be sure to let me know either by Facebook/ Twitter etc! 

Still on the fringe note-- my younger cousin has been trying to fit in for a while now, and took the plunge to get her hair bleached... I really do feel sorry for people such as herself who feel that they need to fit in. I mean, we all do it- we're all too fat, too ugly, too tanned, not tanned enough, not the right hair etc. Anyway, she went to a near-by hairdressers, and had it bleached. I don't know what the lady used, or why the hell she demanded the £70 (!!) because it looked absolutely awful! It went a sort of gingery blonde, which is usually expected when you've not bleached it before-- but this was my cousin's 3rd time, so it was unacceptable. Anyway, she re-did it for no charge, which made it go whiter than white on top, but so patchy throughout the rest. Literally, if I had've been there, I would've refused for her to pay. It was that bad. Anyway, after seeing my fringe, and realising how bad her hair actually looked, she decided a fringe may make it look presentable. I've only ever cut my sister's hair, but I've trimmed my auntie's fringe once and I ALWAYS cut my own hair. I haven't been to the hairdressers for 4 years because I think they don't listen, and I never come out satisfied! So yeah, I cut my own fringe in, and also when all my hair was chopped off, that was me too! aha. Long story short, her fringe was cut to perfection, and every one says I should be a hairdresser, (which I've known for years!). Anyway, this has given me the idea to start up my own little hair-cutting business on the side. I think I'm just gonna do friends and family, so let me know if anyone needs a trim! I want to learn how to colour etc after a while, but cutting satisfies me for now! 


I am literally the biggest kid when it comes to snow! Literally, the first hear of snow and my wellies, fur and gloves are out and ready for action! This year, however, I have developed some kind of fear of driving in the snow and ice, so I've prayed for it not to grace us with it's presence. Obviously, things never go the way that I want it to, and we've been hammered with it (haha, obviously not compared to most countries, but to us, this is RED ALERT!) Anyway, we've been lucky cos my mum just bought a 4x4 last week, so she's been taking me to work. Praise my mumma. Yesterday was my first day off since the snow had arrived, so me Maisie and my boyfriend decided to go for a walk. It was cute, but I was cold and pretty miserable by the end of it and was so glad to get home and put my jammies on infront of the fire with a blanket! haha. 


 ♥ tidy bedroom! 
So yesterday, I had nothing better to do, so I decided a clear out was in order! I needed more room, seeing as there are two of us living in there now haha. I cleared out my built-in wardrobe, which now consists of hair products, tan, makeup and hair bits that are rarely used, all my skincare etc, childhood games, and some things that my mum had in there when she had this bedroom! I got 4 bin liners out of there so that was a big help. Then I completely threw out all the crap that was in the drawers underneath my bed and gave Luke those- so his clothes can finally go away! I then sorted out the whole lot of my makeup and nail polishes- most of which are donkey's years old and had dried out, and most nail varnishes were totally vile. I had such bad taste when I was younger! haha. So yeah, my room is now looking so so cute and it's got such a relaxing vibe to it! I always feel so much better when my room is tidy, I've got my candles and fairy lights on and can just watch a girly film, or read a good book! 
This was before:

And this is afterwards:

How cute is my room?
'til next time!