I have resisted the urge to 'nip' to Boots literally for an entire month and today, I caved. I feel like a self-confessed addict. I literally had an entire basket full of things that I didn't really need- so I've just picked out these little gems to show you! 

First up, everyone and their mum's have raved on and on about the Real Techniques brushes- and for a while I did think that they were a little overrated and they hype would die down, but alas, it has not. So a couple of months ago I went and purchased a couple to see what they were all about. I got the stippling brush first of all, and after using it twice, I pushed it aside and decided it wasn't for me. Then, I figured I should try another-  which is when I got the foundation brush, which, I mean, isn't fantastic, but it's one of the best that I've found. I then watched a few tutorials where I found that I was using the stippling brush all wrong (typical) and after trying it again, I figured that it was actually okay and quite enjoy using it now. So this morning, I was doing my makeup and realised that I could do with a new powder brush, and here we are now- £12.99 down and a lovely brush up. Typically, it's a lovely brush and the hairs (??) are so soft on your skin and not irritating or scratchy, which I find most brushes are.. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who needs a new brush. 

Then, I saw these lipsticks and got slightly excited. Truth be told, I never bothered with lipsticks up until last year, when I would buy one every month or so and just look at it, maybe wearing for an hour before the mirror and then wiping it off before I go out.. Now, I can't seem to go out without wearing it. It definitely perks up your face-- you can look so drab and then put a slick of brighly coloured lippy on and BAM, instant glamour! 
***must add. It's been almost a month since buying these lipsticks now and I would not recommend the stain one as it's sticky and dries your lips!*** full review coming soon.