I've recently got a little thing for nail polishes. Usually I don't bother with them because I work with food and drinks so I'm not allowed to wear it during the week, but when the weekend comes, I just pop on anything to cover my horribly plain nails! Anyway, seeing as it's Christmas and I'm gonna be going out a fair bit and I'll have time off work too, I really wanted some pretty polish for the holidays. I was hoping for glitter, and lots of it, but I only saw a couple that took my fancy. 
So here are my favourite nail colours of the month: 

*please excuse my disgusting dressing table!*  These are the matte ones that have become my favourite in the last month. Left: Barry M Gelly polish. I like this because it's a really nice pale purple. I don't tend to like the colour purple, but it really is growing on me in the more recent months. I chose this because I wanted something eye catching for when I'm wearing a pretty bland outfit. Not just that, but I was intrigued by the whole 'gelly' concept, although I won't lie- I'm not too keen on the finish. I think it looks somewhat dirty, but I think that's me being fussy! haha. I also got a red one of this, but I didn't really like it because I don't think it's bright enough and leaves a bit of a dull finish. I found that the red also chipped really easily. 
In the middle is the Sally Hanson polish. This picture makes it look slightly turquoise, but it's a very pale grey that goes on so evenly with no tell-tale lines. I love the colour because it's so subtle, but does make your nails look surprisingly pretty! I got this one from poundland! 
And finally on the right is a polish from Look Magazine's makeup range. Now, I have raved about their range before, having tried bronzers, blushers, foundations and lipsticks and all of them being top notch in my opinion, so I knew that I was gonna get a good colour here. I love love love this colour. Again, it's very subtle, but it looks absolutely stunning and everyone always asks where I get it from and if it's a professional colour! noone would ever know. 

Now for the shimmery ones! On the left is a Max Factor polish that I actually got free when I spent over £15 a couple of weeks ago. At the first glance, I wasn't too fussed about it and threw it into my polish bag, but I was looking for a shimmery colour to wear this weekend with my shimmery clothes and I tried this. It takes two coats to bring out the opacity that it needs, but it does look really lovely when it's finally done! Then on the right is another Sally Hansen polish which comes out so lovely. The main thing that keeps me coming back to this polish is the brush! It's so wide and soft that it applies the polish perfectly. I absolutely love it. 

aah, and now for the best! GLITTER.. 
The left and right polished are by Makeup Academy (a range specially designed for Superdrug). I don't know if any of you have tried any of their products, but I have always been impressed. Most of their products are £1, although they have a few new products that can range up to £5, but that's hardly extortionate is it!? I've always found that the quality of their products are amazing considering the price tag that they come with, so I was happy to fork out £2 to try their new glittery nail polishes. And what a well-spent £2 it was! They come out fantastically, although I would recommend putting two coats on (don't literally put two jackets on whilst applying- you'll get hot) to get the full coverage. Go ahead and try these! 
Then in the middle is my absolute faaaavourite! It's Barry M, so you already know that it's gonna be good- but I didn't expect it to be this good! It's such a Christmassy colour, so it's perfect for the upcoming week. I'm so excited to put it on when I break up this Friday! hehe. 

What are your favourites? xxxx