Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Em GEE. Bilborough College is flippin' FANTASTIC!!
If i wasn't over Mr.***** before - i most certainly am now! As soon as i got there, i was completely overwhelmed with the seriously huge amount of stunning boyss there! Yumyum indeed!
The only thingg wrong with college is the time that i have to be up & outa the door.. i had to be up at 6am, & out to meet Ben at 7.25! The first bus got to Rise Park at about 7.50, then after the drop-off at Bulwell, we then got the other bus to Bilborough..
As soon as we got there.. it was packed - & there wasnt even 1/4 of my year there yet! & then next week, the year 13's come back!! Gonna be busy busy busy!! :]
Anyway -- i spent the entire morning with my tutor group - + everyone seems really nice & friendly!
Then in the afternoon, i had double English Language.. It was pretty immense. i actually learnt SO much! Ha. i was with Hayleigh Crogan!! My little long-lostfriend! (L) + Ben West of course!! (:
Ooooh, i didnt realise the time -- im gonna be late for college! i promise to write later.