ah, hey! 
well, this is my first blog post as a 19 year old. 19? It sounds so old to me! it's the last year of being a teenager.. time to grow up and get life plans? possibly so. 

so this week has been totally awesome! Not only was it my birthday and Valentine's day, but I was also treated to see Olly Murs AND The Wanted. wow! I must say, Im a much bigger fan of Olly than I am the Wanted boys, but they didn't half put on a show- i think i enjoyed it just as much! Also, The Wanted were supported by Parade- an all-girl group who have had a couple of top 10 songs out in the UK, so it was wicked to see them. 

I was also a very spoilt girl on Valentine's day;

how cute are all these?! i LOVE the underwear, and the card is absolutely beautiful. I've never had flowers given to me before, so i was chuffed with those. Aw, and my little Hello Kitty teddy and a lovely necklace too. aw, they're so cute!

and for my birthday:

these are just the bits that stuck in my mind, but i did also get my car tax paid for, a spotted chiffon top, a couple of mugs, chocolates, makeup, a gawj dress, jewellery and a few other bits and bobs. 
1. Hello Kitty beach towel. I saw someone with one on holiday and REALLY wanted one. thanks mummy!
2. Hello Kitty necklace; it actually opens up to be a watch. super cute!
3. Pink Pandora bracelet; my auntie & nana asked what i wanted and i thought it would look cute with my grey one.
4. Hello Kitty shopper; use it as a beach bag to match my towel. good thinking mumma!
5. Leopard print leggings; I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. wanted them forever and lukey just knows me so well. 
6. Paul's Boutique bag; wow. this was a complete surprise, but Luke is a star. lvlvlv this bag!!
7. Ted Baker lipgloss set; they are really nice, lovely and glossy yet not sticky. don't you hate it when your hair gets stuck in your lipgloss?!
8. shoe boots; Garage shoes. I went shopping with mum and saw these in the window and HAD to have them. you get one for the sale price (reduced from £42.00 to £24!) and then you get the 2nd pair for £1!!!! amazingggggg bargain!!

oh, and i've lost 10 lb since New Year! Go meeeeee! so i'm gonna go and do some exercise on the wii now.
what are your tips on losing weight? does anyone know any fun ways too get fit?

Jessiee; xox