I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to my holiday right now. Do you ever do that thing where you buy a load of holiday clothes, but kind of wish you didn't because it makes you want to go on holiday RIGHT THIS SECOND? yeah, that's how i am right now.. I will show you a few bits that I got today in just a second. 

This Wednesday the new Starbuck's store that I am based at is opening. I'm actually really excited about it to be fair.. It will be like working in luxury conditions compared to the pod that we've been training at. Our new store seems huge, so spacious and light. It is built at an angle facing the sports centre with all the front being glass windows, making the store look very welcoming- not dingy like I find most other stores. And the best thing? It's air conditioned! yippeeee. We also have such a good team going down there. We all get along so well so far, in fact a few of us have even been out together-- nothing quite like a bonding session over a couple of tequila slammers! 

okay, so now for a few of my holiday things. I won't bore you with a load of writing to go with it this time, so here it goes. 

I picked up this playsuit today from T K Maxx for £14.00. It caught my eye cos I was on the lookout for something that's gonna look good dressed up at night time on holiday, but also something that I can wear in the summer time. This seemed perfect and fits so well! 

This bag is perfect for lazy days around the pool, or lugging all my crap to the beach with me. I love the summery print of this and think it will look so good with denim cut offs! Matalan- £6.

I got this hat because I'm sick of my mum and dad nagging me about getting one. I get that they're worried as it's my first holiday away without them, and I did faint twice last holiday, but I'm not stupid. I figured I should get a cute one like this if
 I have to get one. Can't be looking crappy now can I? Matalan £6.


I loved these wedges as soon as I saw them. They will make any outfit a little more laid-back but still look cool. And
 they're comfy! Matalan £18.

This is definitely the final bikini I am buying for holiday! haha. It's cute, simple and a lovely fit. Matalan £6 for top and £5 for bottoms. 

So there are just a few things that I will be taking - I'm sure before I go I will do a whole long piece on what to take and what I am taking etc, but for now I hope this helps! :)

I did get a few dresses and tops this week, but I'm gonna add those tomorrow cos I am soo tired right now. 
Nighteo guys xoxo