I have my christmas decorations up! I feel like such a kid-- the slightest mention of the C work (no, not the rude one! Christmas, silly.) & I go completely crazy inside! and, and, and there's a present for me underneath the tree! The temptation to take a peek is almost overwhelming, but then i'd be on Santa's naughty list, & the present would be replaced with coal.. not really in the Christmas spirit really, is it? 

Oh, also- i happened to check my bank, (which has had the balance of 22p for the last 4 months) last week. woah, £250 has gone in! just for training. you can't complain really, can you?! So it's been spend,spend,spend this week- christmas jumpers, snazzy underwear, party-wear. it's all necessary.. in my opinion anyway! 
i've been feeling a little down this week, which isn't like myself near Christmas- i mean, tis the season to be jolly, right? The cold, dark nights, the lonely walks to the bus stop in the mornings, the cute snowy scenery. I just think that i need someone. someone to hold my hand, to keep me warm, to cuddle me, and watch crappy TV with me. to eat rubbish and curl up watching films. to play in the snow, and to kiss in the rain. As Jacob says to Bella; 'Im gonna fight for you 'til the day your heart stops beating'. I want someone to fight for me, to love me, and to respect me. :(
anyway- sorry for putting a downer on things! I'll let you get back to your things now!
p.s- i have a mock driving test next week! I think he thinks that im capable to pass, so hopefully, this time next week, I will have booked my test! yippeeee! 

Love you. 

i'd like to thank you all for reading this too btw.- it means a lot that people read what i write, & hopefully this blog can assist me into getting onto a journalism university course!