Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ohmygod. The last few days has been absolutely goddamn amazzzing!

Prom was possibly the most built up night of my life, & i doubt that i'll ever ever ever forget it. The build up started 5 years ago.. -- haha, just kidding, but seriously, we got the letter about 6months ago now, and ever since, i've been pretty excited! Above, is just one of many pictures that were taken on the glorious night! My dress, as you can see, was long to the floor, dark purple & shiny black, gathered at the side with roses. It was lovely! i had lots&lots of shiny accessories and felt like a princess! i had a spray tan on wednesday - which made me look like a packi for a day - & i had my hair done professionally. it looked nice ;)
The actual prom was at the Gateway Hotel, and cos we were too late to get a limo, we ended up with a minibus, which was surprisingly kool tbh haha. When we arrived, we were one of the last ones there - & infront of us was like another 10 vehicles bursting with excited dressed up students! As we got  outa the car, there was Mr. Astell with his camera-- i hope that you couldnt see up my dress or anything! Inside the venure, there were professional photographers, who took a few different pictures of us all in the big group, and then everyone was having seperate professional photographs done. It was majorly sweet! Me, Grace, Safina, Heather & Lauren had a little group one, & this is now framed on my wall. ;)
anyway - the night was absolutely amazing. We had a sit-down meal, then a majorly kool disco afterwards which lasted til 11.00, then we all went back to mine & had a lovely sleepover.

OH MY GOD, Jessica Starbuck is in love with Bilborough College!!
actually love it!
Today & yesterday, i spent all day at bilbz, & it was seriously amazing. i cant believe how relaxed it is, to say that it's meant to be school -- so to speak -- We just sat around, chilling. i had a free period today & yesterday, which i spent with my new friends Izzy & Samuel. It was greaaaat. We had our temporary tutors, and i had a right good tutor. There were 4 other boys, along with me safina & lauren. i made friends with a ginger. i was pretty proud! (;
i cannot wait til September so that i can go to Bilborough full time! it's gonna be GREAT!!

Anyway - right now, i have a dance show to get rehearsing for tonight. Kill me now? ;)
i'll post the pictures of prom night on photobucket & post the link in the next blogpost.