Hello everybody!
As you can see, I gave in and re-ombred my hair this week. I fancied a change, but didn't want it cutting, so i  thought a little change of color might help me feel a bit different. I was so tempted to dye it a little darker, but I thought with summer coming, (if it ever does), the dark hair may wash me out and make me look more drab than fab, so I opted for a little bleach on the ends and I really think it's given my hair a little something. I do think that it's gone a little yellow, so I've purchased a bottle from Touch of Silver that claims to get rid of brassiness so I'll be doing a little review of that in the next few weeks.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post on some little babies that I've been using for the last 10 days-- Crest Advanced Vivid Whitestrips. I first heard about these some time last year when a few reviews were going around the blogosphere, but I didn't really pay attention to them because I was very happy with my own way of whitening my teeth, but since I started working at Starbuck's, the coffee has taken it's toll on my usually-paper-white teeth and had left them looking dull. I saw a review on Velvetgh0st 's Youtube account last week and the before and after picture stunned me: I just had to have them! I went straight on eBay and looked for a cheaper alternative to buying them straight from the website which worked out half price and was also free P+P.. major bargain! I was so happy to find that they were here within two days, and I really couldn't wait to use them, so I ripped open the first packet but found that there were no instructions, which I was a little shocked at. I went on google and tried to find a little bit of help-- there was very little, and that's what made me want to do this post the most.. 

Okay, so here's the packet that they come in:

The only instructions that you get is an image on the back telling you which strips are for the top and which ones are for the bottom... not so helpful. So from what I gathered, the strips start to work from your first go, and you will need at least 8 to complete the course. I ordered 10, and I'm happy with the results, although I do wish that I had a few more packs, because I feel like they look very white after you take off the strips, but give it half an hour, and they go back to being a little discolored. You leave the strips on for 30 minutes each time and it's recommended to use them once a day. Again, I wasn't clear on whether this was in the morning or the evening, and I'd read on a few blogs that it works a lot better if you do them morning AND evening.. I guess that is up to the individual. I'll be honest-- I got a little sensitivity, especially on my bottom teeth, so I read that if you experience this, you're meant to stop using them for a day or two, which I did and they have gone back to normal for now, (thank God). 
As far as I know, you're meant to brush your teeth 30 minutes prior to sticking your strip on your teeth, and you have to make sure that you wipe your teeth so that they're dry otherwise you'll waste strips.

so now for the bit that everyone wants to know about! 
here is before and after the treatment:

As you can see- there is a real difference, and you can definitely tell that they work. I am really impressed with the results- I totally didn't expect them to be as good as this! 
I can't think of any other things to add about these- I'm just so happy! If you do think of anything to ask, please don't hesitate to message me.