It's been another beautiful day here today, so I took the opportunity to do this post whilst sunning it up, wahoo!
Everything that I've bought over the last month has been inspired by the festival that I'm attending this weekend, and I think I did pretty damn well! 

I've wanted some dungarees for as long as I can remember. Don't they just take you back to the 90's? Playing kurby and knock-a-door-run? No, just me then! I think that they're so indie, which is obviously the new trend. They look so effortless and casual, yet still can be stylish with a classy blouse underneath. FINALLY I found some that actually fit properly, and they are cheap as chips from Primark! I don't think I'll be taking these to the festival, but they were definitely a great wardrobe investment and will get lots of wear! 

I picked up this top when I was whizzing through Primark the other day. I can't believe how many lovely things that Primark have in at the moment! Anyway, I love the material of this top- it's so sheer and delicate and best of all- ITS £4! I also picked it up in the most gorgeous green-blue too, which is my favourite top at the moment. 

I lovelovelove this white dress! I love it to the point where I could carry it around with me all day long and just admire it. It was £5 from Primark! £5! For the quality of the dress, the price is unbelievable. Honestly, I felt so nice wearing it- I'm totally going back to get another one cos I already got fake tan on this one :( There's also a navy one I believe, so I'm totally gonna get that one too! hehe. 

I got this dress from Miss Selfridge in the sale. I think it's chic, it's classy and it was a bargain!

This playsuit is very festival-y if you ask me! It was from Internacional and I always get so many compliments when I wear it!

I love this little bralet! I've never had one before because I thought that I was too big to wear one, but on a wild moment, I bought it along with a high waisted, denim skater skirt and I love it! It looks so feminine and cute. I'm definitely wearing this for the weekend!

I got this parka last week because it's totally a festival coat! It'll keep me warm and dry so I'm happy with that!

How can you go to a festival without a flower headband? You cant. So here's mine!

and I just thought I'd share this necklace!