so I'm sure you've all had that moment: You're out somewhere, you get out your makeup bag either to touch-up or to do your makeup for the day, you're almost done and then you realise you've left that pesky face powder/ lip liner on your dressing table when you were rushing to get out. gah, it drives me crazy! I regularly do it when I'm swapping bags and have forgotten to transfer my trusty max factor face powder compact and all that I can see is my shiny nose for the rest of the day.
Yesterday this happened to me. I stopped at my boyfriend's and was sure that I had taken all my necessities for work the following day. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I can't possibly go a day without liquid/gel eyeliner. I just think that it really brings out my eyes (which in my opinion are my best feature). Not just that, but it stops them from looking so round and bug-like haha. Anyway, after I'd realised that I'd forgotten this statement piece, I immediately went into a state of panic and was adamant that I was gonna find a substitute. Almost immediately, I grabbed my mascara and a hair grip, the only things that I thought were logical. It wasn't perfectly straight, but for some makeshift eyeliner, it did an awfully good job! 

you see? haha, not so bad at all!