Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long time no type!
Okay, so it's been what - a month-ish since i last wrote to this, & honestly, i really do think that i actually have a potentially interesting post! Haha. In this last month, i've kind of been forced to grow up quite a bit tbh.. which i think is kinda unfair - cos you know.. i just dont want to!! ;)
August was a pretty good month tbh..
Please, do let me share!
The beginning of August was good.. real good actually. My bestfriend celebrated her 16th birthday, & me and all've my closest friendss went down to a nearby club, then back to hers, & tbh, it was so lovely to have all of my friendss together again!! Buttt, this was the last that i saw of all've my bestbestbest friendss for about 3weeks! Sadtimesss, i know -- buttt, it gave me chance to get to know Kirsty from work. I think that it all started when Kirstie first started working at Lammas, & we got talking, & then one day, she suggested going shopping.. I'm so glad that i took this offer cos honestly, she's one of my closest friendss now, & i doubt i'll ever get ridda her!! ;) She's pretty amazing! The other morning, we went for a Mcdonalds breakfast before work, & i dont think i stopped laughing for the entire time! So yes, with my bestfriends going AWOL on me, & my serious lack of invitations - (yes, still!), i've spent ALOT of time with my Kirstieeeee. <3
Then, the end of the month brought the seriousness -- & the not so seriousness.. ;)
i was so proud of my resultss when i got them!! ;)
i got 2 A's, 6 B's and 5 C's!!

So, these resultss were given on the 27th -- & that night, me and my bestfriendss went to Heather's house.. & got seriously drunk, mainly on Sambuca & Vodka.. ;) From what i can rememberr, it was an amazing night!! LOL.
The day after this was not so amazing tbh.. Me & Caroline was up at the crack-a dawn (7ish..) getting ready for our treck down to Bilborough College, to actually ENROLL!! Im goingg to Bilborough! mmhmm, yes.. Me & Caroline moping around Bilborough with stinking hangovers was NOT a good sight tbh.. Then, when i got home, i had to go to work! Even baddertimes!!
Then, just as i was finally getting over my hangover -- Saturday night brought yet another party!
Darren's, to be precise..
It was IMMENSE. Definately the 3rd best this year.. (Heather's being 2nd & NewYearss being the 1st.) Apparently i was really drunk -- buttt, i beg to differ haha. Ben actually stood on my face though!
So, um, yes. A very eventful month i must say!! Something tells me that this month just wont be able to compete with it -- seeing as i start COLLEGE in 11days! :]

anyway, im pretty tired now -- & The OC is calling my name!!
Night. x