Today, I wanted to review Rimmel's Kiss and Stay lipgloss for all of you lovelies.
I've been using this all week, so I've definitely trialed it enough to give you my honest opinion. I'll just say now, I got this from my local poundworld just before Christmas. and I only found it the other day whilst sorting out my makeup. I must have thrown it aside, thinking that it would be rubbish with it only being £1 (obviously), but I can assure you that I would definitely pay full price for this product, so the pound was clearly a massive bargain!

RIGHT, this is the product;

image taken from Google images

As most of you will know, I love my red lipsticks. I think anyone can rock a red lip - it brightens up your face, makes you look classy and made-up whilst catching everyone's attention, which can't be bad. I really liked the look of the shade and that's the only thing that made me buy it. It is in shade 080- Cherry Blossom, (i'm a sucker for cute names). The shade itsself is a very bold, statement red with blue undertones to it, which make your teeth look amaaazingly white may I just add. I hate it when you buy a lip colour that looks lovely but changes when you get it onto the lip, either dulling or changing to a different shade completely, so I was very happy when I saw that this is the exact same colour when applied to your lips.
There are two sides to this lipgloss.. One is the colour and one is a very shiny, sticky gloss that you pop on top of the colour.. Now I hate lip glosses. I used to love them when I was about 12, thinking they made me look all girly and pretty when in reality all they did was smell tasty (but usually tasted gross) and make your hair get stuck to your face. Not such a great look. And as for lipsticks- all I remember is that my mum used to wear ugly shades of brown all the time, and so I assume that was the only colour I knew- so I steered well clear of those. I also remember my mum and aunt telling me that red lipstick are only for prostitutes.. Oh how wrong they were! Anyway, the texture of the colour is very creamy and glides on with ease, coating your lips with the perfect colour. I must admit, because it's such a bold colour, the applicator that you get with it- (you know, the angled, box standard lip gloss applicator you get in most glosses) isn't the best for precision, so you may need a tissue to hand. This part of the gloss dries very quickly, so you have to get the excess off very quickly or you'll end up looking like Ronald McDonald. 
Then, you have to leave it for a few minutes so that it really soaks in to your lips, and then you may apply the gloss. Now, when I wore this to go out, I did apply the gloss because it makes such a difference! The colour on it's own is very powerful and eye-catching, but as soon as you put on the gloss, your lips double in size and look completely unresistably perfect! So pout-y and plump. Just see.. 
Do you see what I mean?! 

As for lasting power, this claims to last for 10 hours.. I must say, this is how it stood after 5 hours:

Not too bad really-- All I had to do was pop a little more onto the insides and it was all good. The inside bit does ware off very quickly-- probably in one hour or so, but that's probably because I talk so much!

I rate this 9/10
Would I buy this again? YES!