Hellooooo! I've been ill for the last couple of days, mainly with a sore throat and headache- (I think there is definitely a bug floating around, and if anyone is gonna catch it, it's got to be me!)- so I've been pretty much house-ridden. How typical is that when I finally get more than 2 days off in a row?! Anyway, yesterday I figured that I should really stop feeling sorry for myself and get out, thinking the fresh air (if that's what you can call it in Nottingham) may do me some good. Let's just say this- going out didn't do my poor bank account very good! 

Take a peek at what I got!

Primark- £8 Primark- £5

Primark- £6 Matalan- £8

Primark- £8 (Shirt) Matalan- £6

swim suit; Matalan- £4 bikini top; Matalan- £4

Hello Kitty Vans; Schuh- £40 FCUK bag; Boots- WAS £45 NOW £22.50

Seriously impressed with Boots this year. Everything is half price-- so in effect, I spent £90, which came to £45 aaaaand I even paid the whole thing in points that I gained just in December. Happy daysssss! 

so there we have it- a little look into what I've bought this week. 
I'm going to London mid-Jan, so I really need to save now! Haha, just watch me.

Jessie xxx