Hello everybodyyyy! 
I've bought quite a few bits in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd pick out my favourite pieces and show them you.
*ah crap, just realised I missed out the deep-purple peplum skirt i got :(*

If you read this regularly, or just happened to read a couple of posts back, you'll realise that I got this top from Primark in a dusky pink colour. I think I originally got it for about £12 and I wear it tonnes, so when I saw this one for just £4, I figured I couldn't go wrong! I love the colour-- If you can see, it's black with shimmery gold tones in-bedded into it with a chain-like collar. I didn't take a picture of the back, but it's quite open at the top which I thought was really different. I'm thinking of wearing this with the purple peplem skirt I mentioned above? Any suggestions? I think it's quite a Christmassy top anyway!


 my sister bought this dress for herself last week from Primark, but I'm not sure how much it was.. Anyway, it was too small for her, so she asked me if I'd like it, but I wasn't so sure if I did. I tried it on and realised that, actually, I quite like it. And seeing as I plan on going out alot this Christmas, I really like the thought of wearing it with either a leather jacket or a blazer and some big heels. woo! 


 I got this top from TK Maxx last weekend. When i picked it up, my mum and boyfriend said the same thing that they always do-- 'it looks like every other top youve got. blahblah' - what do they know? haha. Anyway, at £6, I couldn't really put it back down. It's so delicate and I love the collar on it, but it's too heavy that it weighs it down and looks a little stupid. I think I need some tape to keep it up... 


 This was also from TK Maxx. I liked the retro look of it, what with the pleated bottom and the 'flaps' (for lack of a better word) at the top. I thought they were really cute and made the dress look unique. I haven't worn this yet, but I'm going out for a Christmas meal over the weekend so I will hopefully wear this then! I can't remember exactly how much it was-- roughly £10-£16. 

 Again, this was from TK Maxx last weekend.. I bought it because it had caught my eye a few times when I was wondering around and I really liked the colour of it. I've been looking for a nice red dress for quite some time, and I literally don't own anything red yet so I figured I'd try this first before I splurge out on a dress.. Again, this is yet to be worn, but I do think it would look really good with some leggins.


Not sure why I took this with and without the flash, cos I don't actually think that the flash gives it anything extra, but there you go haha. (This is the dress that I was talking about a few posts back when I wore it to a party.) Basically, it was from New Look in the boutique-y section and it was £24,99 but my friend had a gift card with like £6 left on it so she gave that to me. I love it because it's so classy and elegant and the detailing doesn't make it look tacky and cheap, which is my top hate with most dresses. 


 I've wanted a sequin blazer for such a long time now, and I was in my local Tesco a couple of weeks ago, and this was in the sale for £16 reduced from £30. There was only one left and it was in my size, which can only mean one thing: fate! I'm yet to wear it, but I think it will be perfect for sprucing up outfits this winter! 

  Okay, so I've wanted the T'shirts from Topshop since I first saw them! You all know the ones.. 'Geek' being the most popular. Everytime I happened to pop into my nearest Topshop, they never happened to have my size, or they were all sold out, but I did plan on ordering this online when I got paid this week. This was until the other day... I was walking through Primark cos it was raining outside and I saw this out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't believe my luck-- they are literally identical and they're only £4! FOUR POUNDS! I don't think you can really go wrong on £4 can you? I picked this one up in a large because, when I put it against my body, it looked long enough to wear with a pair of leggins if I just fancied a lazy day. I also got a khaki green one saying 'NERD' on it which was also £4. I do believe that there is also a navy blue vest, although I can't quite remember what it said on it. I'm pretty sure that these will be a sell out item and they really do look identical to the ones from Topshop! savvaaaay! 

  And finally, I picked up these boots for £5. I just got these for the simple reason that I am sick of not being able to find my UGGs. I literally have looked everywhere and cannot find them. I do have some black ones, but they are weirdly uncomfortable for some reason. I think my sister has had her gross feet in them again! haha. so yeah, thought it was wise to pick up these for lazy days this Christmas. 

much love!