Today i'm just gonna review a few new bits that i got this week but i've left my camera at Luke's, so i had to use my shitty low-quality camera so i'll just apologise for that now.. 


1. St Ives blemish fighting apricot scrub: my friend told me about a different type of this back when we were in school and i remember buying a travel-sized one, using it and thinking it was amazing. it really does clear your skin from all makeup and dirt and make it feel so clean. This one claims to fight blemishes, so i will give it another week and let you know how it goes on. 

2. St Ives cleansing wipes: These are really good. I hate makeup wipes that aren't wet enough to get all your makeup off quickly (and seeing as i wear sooo much mascara usually it's really hard for me to find decent ones), but these wipes are awesome for getting tough mascara off. I also find that it does take around 99% of makeup off your face- I always use a cleanser afterwards just to make sure it's all off and i find that barely anything comes off after using these wipes. i really do recommend these wipes and they can be bought really cheap right now at B&M for £3.99. 

3. Veet hair removal cream: I tried this years ago and im sure that it didn't work, but i saw it in a few magazines recently and thought i'd give it another go.. i'm really glad that i did. i put it on in the bath this time as oppose to the shower (cos i think maybe the water spashed onto it a few times and made the cream less powerful) and left it for around 5-6 minutes. It worked wonderfully. It was only yesterday that i used it so i can't comment of the difference in hair growth in comparison to shaving yet, but i will do tomorrow/day after etc. You can pick this up in your nearest poundland, or at any chemists/ supermarkets at a low price.  

i bought this product last week as i've heard such good reviews on Fake Bake so I didn't mind paying the price. I usually get the kind of tans where it is a cream and you leave it so many hours/overnight to develop cos i feel that they give you the best results, but ive been meaning to piick up an instant tan for a while incase i get caught looking a little pale, or need a quick pick me up. it was in Boots for £13 and i thought that was a reasonable price, so i got it with pretty high expectations... i have to say that i've used it like 4 times since buying it and it definitely does not live up to my expectations. it barely leaves a stain on the skin, let alone anything that could be classed as a tan. Maybe it's because when i tan, i always use darker ones (because that is kind of the point), so that could be a point to take in. Im not sure. It is a thin liquid when sprayed, so it does spread pretty easily but im just really not impressed with the coverage. I even tried layering it, which didn't work either.. 

have you tried any of these? what did you think of them? 

Jess xo