Hello everybody! 

I've got two really talented close friends who are both at the same stage right now and could do with a little help getting their work a bit more wide spread.. 

The first is a young lady, Leonie; the proud owner of www.puretobepink.blogspot.com. A lover of all things vintage, she pursues a career of pattern cutting and regularly makes her own clothes and fancy dress, her latest creation being a 1947 Christian Dior "New Look" jacket. The pieces that I have seen her produce are made to absolute perfection, and her eye of all things fashionable makes her one to watch for the future! Her talent in textiles are spectacular, and I for one am a massive supporter! 

The second is Stacey and she owns www.staceyrebeccalapper.blogspot.com. Stacey is also so, so talented within the textiles industry, already having her degree in fashion and textiles, and has a BA in decorative arts. She tends to specialise in recycled materials, working closely with denim and is very inspired by patterns found on currencies. She is fantastic with her ideas of what she's going to create next and has such a great passion for finding new ideas that haven't been seen, her latest is converting old cloths into travel pillows. Her creativity completely blows my mind and I'm jealous that I have no imagination in comparison! 

I know that in a few years, I'll look back on this post and hope that it was me who helped get that ball rolling, but ladies, please remember me when you're hanging with fashionistas, creating your clothes for the stars and don't forget about little old me! If all of you don't immediately go and look at their pages, I'll be extremely unhappy!! 

lots of love xox