hola bitches!
arg, i can't even begin to say how boring my current state of life is! ugh, how can i possibly be this bored of life already, only having experienced 18 years of it? i'm young, i'm carefree and i have a whole life ahead of me, so why can i not find anything to do with myself these days? this being said, i have, however, found a new career prospect that i'm sure i could get in to- floristry. haha, as silly as it sounds (and yes, i am aware of how silly it sounds), i really am looking into it. I have so far found a floristry college course in Hucknall, and i am now looking to see if you can go on to doing it at university. i really hope you can! i remember me and my bestfriend absolutely ripping  this girl apart at school when she told everyone that she wanted to be a florist, and now look at me- wanting to jump on her bandwagon. oops. 
anywho, this was just a short post to let you know that you heard it hear first! haha.
hugs and kisses. xoxo