Festivals.. Sun, tents, denim shorts, wellies and long socks. Anoraks, feathers and fringing. Flower headbands, neon body paints and drunken antics. How can anyone not get excited at the possibilities of a festival?! 

This year, I'm going to a few festivals, and I am so excited about it and I guess it sparked a thought that I could do a quick post on the essentials you'll need for a festival- So here we go! 

Luggage wise, I was thinking a fair-sized bag, cute but necessary, a toiletry bag to hold washing things etc, a makeup bag with only the essential makeup and a little bag for money/phone etc.

1. Union Jack holdall: Tesco £19.96 - I got this when I was still working at Tesco and I use it whenever I go away and always get so many compliments. It's unique and makes going away in style a literal saying. It's size is deceiving and was probably made by the same people as Mary Poppin's ever-growing bag was made from because you put more and more in and it never gets full.
2.Cath Kidston wash bag: Cath Kidston £18.00- How cute is this little bag? I think it's the perfect size to throw in your makeup wipes, deodrant, dry shampoo etc! 
3.Makeup bag- Ted Baker £39.00: I got this bag for my birthday after having wanted one for so long and I'm so glad that I did. There is a bigger one and a smaller one, this being the bigger one. It is amazingly stylish and fits more than you would think in it.
4. Shoulder bag- Select £12- I chose this bag because not only would it match practically everything, but you can sling it over your body so that it's safe enough to dance about and not have a care in the world. It will fit your phone, camera, purse and lippy in and what else would you really need?! 

Makeup/wash essentials:

1. Everyone needs some sort of patterned shorts for a festival. They match everything, are comfy and look good even if they get a little bit dirty! Good one! 

2. A coat is obviously essential to take with you. Everyone knows that a festival isn't complete without a spot of wind and rain. These coats match everything and look great oversized-- perfect to fit those hoodies underneath!

3. Fringing is a summer must have. So fashionable! 

4. A straw hat is great whatever the weather. Keep your head out of the sun with this cute little thing! 

5. Patterned wellies will make you stand out from the crowd and liven up those muddy hours.

6.a cute statement necklace will take you from day to night and keep you going all night! 

Makeup wise:

1. You want a BB cream that you can pop on without a mirror through out the day. They keep your skin moisturised, but give you enough coverage to feel confident. I love this Garnier one with no oil as it stops you from getting a shiny face.

2. I thought I would pop this foundation onto the list as it's perfect for perking up drab, tired skin with it's shimmery tones and smooth consistency, it makes you look fresh and dewy! (Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation)

3. A cream based blusher is good for on the go application and it keeps your face looking fresh, especially when used with the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation.

4. What is a festival without some neon body paint!? haha. 

5. Rimmel's Apocalips's in Big Bang is great for putting on to liven up your complexion. It's a gorgeous sheer bright red that spreads like a gloss but looks like a lipstick. Easy to put on too! 

6 + 7. Mascaras. You'll need a waterproof one too to avoid that panda eye look that we all hate. 

8. Benefit's Brow Zings is a necessity for any time, any where. Shaped, filled in eyebrows make you look tidy and naturally pretty, so don't go forgetting about this! 

And for the other essentials... 

1. Dry shampoo-- I can't think of anything worse than having greasy hair for days and no way of reviving it. Here is your savour!   2. Makeup wipes- even though you're out you still need to take care of that face! Get that makeup off galsss.   3. Moisturiser- you need this cos whether it's hot or cold, the fresh air is gonna dry out your face and hands.  4. Deodrant- Noone wants stinky pits in their face when you're throwing your hands in the air.. and Sunglasses to hide your hangover.  5. Some fake tan cos if any of you are as white as me, the sight of your bare legs will blind people.  6. Surf spray-- for the days where your hair is unstylable!  7. Chewable toothbrush- who needs water anyway!  8. Lip balm- because chapped lips are not cool if you're out to pull!  9. Tangle teezer- if you don't have one of these already, get one! It's crazy how easy this combs out any luggs with no pain!  10. a cute flower head band. boho is so back on trend! 

Let me know what festivals you're all going in! 
loves xox