Saturday, May 30, 2009

Okayy, So this isn't a good picture, but the point is; Look at the sky! BLUE.  Actual blue sky in England. who'd of thought it eh?
This week, the weather has been so good, that im actually contemplating wether i've actually caught a bit of a tan! Yesterday, me & my childhood friend who i dont really get to see much went out to the park. they only ever come round in the holidayss to stay with their grandparents - (my nextdoor neighbours) - so we took the great weather as an opportunity to spend some good'old quality time together! we decided to take my sister, her sister and my dog, jake, out for a walk down to the park. i have to say, i need to grow up! me & rachel spent about 15 minutes on the big swing, laughing and joking around, but eventually i started to feel rather ill and had to evacuate to the climbing frame! It was SO funny, and when i got home and got changed into my shorts & vest top, i actually had a tshirt mark from where i had caught the sun!
We spent the rest of the day sunbathing on the trampoline, but then they had to go home which was kinda sad cos i really love seeing them! 
Monday was just as hot too, & we went round to my nanna's for my Auntie's 40th birthday to have a nice family BBQ, which turned out surprisingly enjoyable! usually, the whole family thing does my head in, cos you either have to attempt to make conversation with people that you don't necessary like, or you're stuck for words to answer all of the intense and unexpected questions that they always seem to throw at me!
"Boyfriend?" Anything to do with you?
 "So how's life?" Average.. Possibly the same as about 100000 other people'ss.. you know how it is.
"Plans for the future?" Erm, maybe to live.. you know.. breathe maybe? Eat/sleep/drink? the usual.
"Seen much of uncle Bob recently?" i have an uncle bob?!
"And what about grandad fred?" He's still alive?!

Im going to bed now.. Tomorrow is gonna be the hottest day of the year so far, & i have to work.
Just My LUCK!