As most of you know, I'm very addicted to Instagram, (an app where you share photos) so I find myself looking through lots of girl's pictures of all their pretty rooms and their gorgeous clothes, accessories and makeup in awe, knowing that I could never be that cute. This being said, I do think that my room could give any of their's a run for their money.. If any of you follow me on there, you will probably have seen a few little bits of my bedroom. I love my little room-- it's just a place where I can be myself, chill out, take off my makeup and have my share of 'me-time'. Anyone that visits my room will always compliment it, saying how girly, homely and pretty it is-- and that just makes me want to spend even more time in here. Since getting a job with more hours, and letting my boyfriend pretty much move in, I don't necessarily spend much time in my room anymore-- especially not getting to do things that I enjoy so much- e.g. face masks, watching chick flicks and eating rubbish.. ;) So I just thought it would be nice to share my little space with you all and hopefully inspire some of you to make your room your new favourite place.

my dressing table; I absolutely love my dresser! My mum got it me when she sent me to Centerparcs for the weekend and I came back to a brand new bedroom. It was such a surprise cos I never ever expected anything! Anyway, it's a little stained and wrecked now, cos i'm so so clumsy! I'm not sure where the dresser was from, but the white ornament in front of the mirror- what I use to hold my foundations- was from TK Maxx, the 'LOVE' jewellery holder was from a place called The Range, and the cake holder and all the flowers from Ikea. 

So this is a closer peek at my jewellery holder. I love it because I've never come across the same one every again, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I have way too much jewellery, so I do only put my most eye-catching bits on there! :) On the right is my radiator shelf and windowsill.. I actually only just got the three ornaments on the bottom- the oil burner, the four-heart candle holder, and then the butterfly lantern, and they were from Wilkos believe it or not?! haha. They give my room a little more character and look so cute. The bodice was from The Range, jewellery box from a small boutique nearby, and the kitty shot glasses from Harrods.

I thought I'd just add a cheeky picture of my clock. My little sister bought me it from B & M and I think it's simply beautiful! The image on the right shows you my main wardrobe.. I do have two of these-- one on the other side of the room. They were from Ikea a good few years ago, and I have that many clothes that I literally don't think I could fit another item inside them. They are crammed full, and it's a night mare when I decide that I want to try and find something! haha. Please tell me your wardrobes are like this too?!

This was just a shot of my room from the other side- where my dressing table is. I have a built-in wardrobe and behind that door is literally the most chaotic mess you could ever imagine! It's everything that I've ever hoarded since I was born, so you can imagine how messy it is back there. I also have a cute little chalk board from Sass & Belle which I usually put my rota on so everyone knows what I'm doing. The picture to the right of that is the mess that lives underneath my dressing table. That's where I keep the majority of my lotions and potions, my makeup, my brushes, candles, hair products etcetc.. My carpet is so gross cos I'm forever dropping things haha! What a state. 

and then here is my bed and my other wardrobe, and then the shelf above my bed. This bedding is one of my favourites, it was only from Tesco, but it's just lovely. The bunting was from Wilkos, but I'm not sure about anything else. I think my favourite thing in my room has to be the bodice lamp which my auntie brought for me a couple of years ago. It's beautiful. 

so there we have it, my cute little room! 
I hope that you enjoyed it! xoxox