Look at that face-- the face of a young, carefree, SINGLE. happy girl? yes, yes it is! 
Helloooo, i'm sick of wasting my time moping about, treading around on eggshells, constantly missing him. it hurts! yeh, its gonna hurt for a while, but for now, i'm getting rid of it- starting a fresh!
i saw him yesterday-- (the ex-boyfriend). We went to town, and it wasn't as bad as I thought that it would be.. There were times when I just wanted to grab his hand and never let go, kiss him and show him that there's still something there, but what's the point in making things worse? It'll be me that ends in tears as usual!

anyway! i haven't really upated much recently again-- i've been pretty busy, but I have a lot to update about tbf.

So first- Center Parcs.<3
wow. it was absolutely amazing. I never imagined it to be so good! I had so much fun!
The weekend practically consisted of swimming, walking, drinking and eating-- you can't go wrong with that combination really, can you? The Sunday night was absolutely amazing -- there was the best firework display that I have ever seen. It was synchronised to the christmas music, and the whole atmosphere was ever so Christmassy. i can truly say that i loved it! -we had a party everynight, til very early hours, had lye-ins, and in all honesty, it really chilled me out & brought me back to reality.
My best friend.<3

Then there's college-- I'm starting to enjoy it a lot more now, thank god. The early mornings are slowly killing me, but generally, i'm feeling a lot more positive about it! plus, it's almost the Christmas holidays, so you can't really complain!

So yeah, i'm feeling a lot better in myself recently. Sure, I wish that me and matt could be back together, but in all honesty-- it's so much fun being single! it's as if I have 'single' written upon my head- i've had quite a bit of attention! always a good thing!

anyway- i'll post a new post soon about the rest!
peaceout my lovelys. xxxx