Sunday, May 31, 2009

i have just read that "The average age to get married for a bride is 29 and that of a groom is 31" Call me old fashioned but dont'cha think that's a bit old. i think that by the time i'm that old, i want to be settled down with a Loveeeely husband & to be fulfilling my dreams of life!
So the phrase "Til death do us part.." seems a little over the top. The amount of unsucessful weddings nowadays is ridiculous! So therefore, the saying cannot of meant much to all of those couples who are no longer "part" can it?!

That's why i actually refuse to rush into relationships anymore. I think i've found what's considered as my perfect man, but only time will tell.
Im quite happy that he has finally acknowledged my existance tbh, cos i was getting a bit depressed about the whole subject!

Im gonna go do something nice for my mother now!