little Sunday selfie for you there!

What a lovely Sunday it's turned out to be today, huh? Sat in the garden with a cheeky glass of wine, updating you guys on the ins and outs of my boring life, haha.
Today I thought I'd just share a bit of a deeper post with you- you all know that my light-heartedness is one of my very few good points, so talking about things of a more serious subject is definitely something of a rarity for me! Today, I wanted to share my thoughts and ambitions on the future with a few of you that happen to stumble across this post, and hopefully have a little bit of feedback with your thoughts etc.
For as long as I can remember, I've had a strong interest in beauty. Be it my 11-year old younger self routing through my mum's hair product box, the 12-year old me secretly shaving my legs, or the 13 year-old me putting on my Miss Sporty mascara and Natural Collection lipgloss everyday on the way to school and then quickly wiping off before I arrive home in the hope that my mum will someday let me wear my slap to school.. (it did happen, just not for another year or so..) Yeah, makeup has always been high on the agenda, especially in the last 5 or so years. In fact, I think I can count on one hand all the times that I've been out without a scrap of makeup on in the last few years.. My collection of the stuff is ridiculously oversized; anyone that ever gets to see it is always in awe and has to have a look around haha. Anyway, I've always wanted to pursue a career on the route of beauty and makeup, but whenever it was always mentioned to my parents, I always got the 'no Jessica, you got A's at school, only thick people do makeup' or the 'But I thought you wanted to be a psychiatrist'. This is such an old-fashioned response to makeup.. Yes, 40 or so years ago, if you had no hope of becoming a dentist, doctor or teacher then yes, hair and beauty were probably you're best bet, but so much has changed now, and I know some of the most clever girls I've ever met that have gone down the beauty route and are so successful now. I'm looking for makeup courses-- preferably ones that take a week or a month to get through so that I don't have to give up my job, so any help would be wonderful! I've done a few small ones, but nothing that has a recognised qualification. 
I've been doing makeup shoots with my friends and family to show what I'm capable of, and I hope to make a new page so that I can become accessible to lots of different people. 
I'd love to hear what you all think about this- an email would be wonderful!

thanks again, xox