Why am i so bored? Why does this world have nothing good to offer for me at this precise moment in time?
Honestly, im sure that i spend more time away from college than i do actually in college furthering my education? Usually, i wouldn't complain- but recently i've noticed that my life is a bore.
w/c 28/06/2010: another week off for Bilborough College. yeh, thanks! Did we not have a whole month off only 2 weeks ago? deargod. The problem is, my two bestfriends are at college/school & boyfriend is in Wales- who the hell am i meant to see?

I've now decided that i am not playing games with certain people anymore. As the beautiful Chelsea Walker once said: 'Being a bitch is far too much like hard work..' -from now on, i no longer can be bothered to be a bitch with certain people. Take me as i am?
So, last wednesday, i went to Alton Towers with the lovely Hayleigh, Megan and Katy <3 the weather was definitely on our side- it was beautiful! Went on almost all the 'big' rides- all except Th13teen i believe. Stupid ride decided to break down when we had queued for almost half an hour. oh happy days -.- ohwell. It was a great day. £8 return on the bus- it isn't bad tbh really is it? Eventhough on the way there, we had to stand at the front with the crazily friendly driver :') oh, such a lovely day.
Can't say i've really done that much more tbh- seen Matthew a little, spend some time tanning -- you couldnt tell though, im as white as a ghost.
Tonight is Top Valley Dance Show- so me, grace and caroline are gonna pop on down to have a butchers.. then tomorrow i'm stopping at a friend's from college, friday i'm gonna spend with maisie, and then saturday is bbqqqqq @ Chelsea's. Im quite looking forward to the next few days -will be a good chance to get out of the house tbh.

anyway- i'm still pretty besotted with Katy Perry's new song- defs the song of Summer 2010 fo'sure.
Loves. xx

Listen to: B.O.B Ft Hayley Williams- Airplanes.
you'll love it!