hi guys. 
i know it's been a while since i last blogged, but i'm so busy with the two jobs (starbucks and tesco) that by the time i get home, i am completely shattered and literally just fall straight to sleep! :( 
there isn't that much to even tell you. im not kidding, i've literally only been working and sleeping. oh, i went to Alton Towers a couple of days ago with Lukey, my younger sister and her friend. yeah, that was fun.. there's a new ride called Nemesis Sub Terra or something like that and if you go you have to check that out.. I won't spoil it, but Alton Towers are very clever with the way their staff are placed/dressed etc. so yeah, well done on that one. 
also, i've seen a few movies recently, some at the cinema and some just on Netflix (my dad recently bought a subscription). i think the best few i've watched cinema-wise have to be 'Gone' and 'The Hunger Games'. 'Gone' features Amanda Seyfried (from Mamma Mia, Letters to Juliet and Dear John) in a chase to find a man who had previously kidnapped her and taken her away to be killed. Of course, she escaped and now the kidnapper had stalked her and taken her sister. I won't say anymore in fear of ruining the film, but it's a very, very good twist towards the end. honestly, you should all watch that. And then there is Hunger Games. Another action-ey film. Been watching quite a few of those to say that i don't usually like them.. but yeah, it's a real good film. i literally just went to see it because i knew that it was going to be popular, and everyone was calling it the new Twilight or Harry Potter, so me and Lukey went to see it. As i've said, it's very enjoyable.. a bit confusing at times, but i think that was just me being dim. anywho. good films. 
I also took my sister to see 'Mirror Mirror' which in my opinion was a complete waste of my time and money. I actually had to be woken up at one point, although i'm sure i would've enjoyed it more if i wasn't so tired out from working all these hours as my sister said it was actually quite a good film.. ahh, who knows. 
i just have one thing to say about Netfilx whilst i'm still talking about films.. it's pretty rubbish compared to how the describe it to be. yes, it does have 1,000's of films on it, but most of them are complete budget films with no story and lack any kind of excitement or enjoyability. i could make a better film than most of them! saying that, there are a fair few that are actually watchable (mainly kids and horrors) but let me know what you think about it? 

I had my first half-pay from Starbuck's about two weeks ago, so i went out and got a few things from various shops, so i will leave pictures of those below now and then next time i'm on i will let you know what i wear them with etc. and i can also add the other things that i miss out! :)

Jumper- Tesco; i originally got this one a few months back cos i really liked it and there was one similar in New Look for like double the price. I think originally it was £12 or £14, but i couldn't decide whether to get the grey/black/white or salmon/white. i eventually got the grey/black, but luckily the salmon ones went down to just £9 this week, wahoo! i will put up a picture of the salmon one next time. 

white brogues; i got these (along with a lot more) today at Primark. They were £10 and they're supercute. i'm gonna put up the other things that i got today so i will take a closer picture of them, but they just match everything and will be worn so much this summer! 

Tiger vest top; this is from Miss Selfridge. I got it in the sale last week after i'd got paid and it was £12. It goes with absolutely everything! 

Jeans; i've wanted some new jeans for a while now, but i was waiting until i found some that i reeeally liked.. im so picky. these ones were from Dorothy Perkins for £24 and they are really fitting yet so, so comfortable. love them!

and then finally the sheer black top; Lukey got me this from George at Asda last week cos i was always moaning that i couldn't find a simple one that won't play up the printed leggings etc. i found that all the other ones have a feature that makes the outfit look 'too much', but this one just looks fabulous with everything.. 

right now i need a bath so i can get ready for tesco. i do have a dominos pizza on the way though. thanks mum!

big loves, 
 Jessie xox